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Hamilton, Bermuda

Rank#821 Hamilton, Bermuda

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  • Hamilton, Bermuda .
  • Score : 34/100
  • Cost Dollars Per Month : 30
  • Fun 58.1818/100
  • Safety 70.0000/100
  • Internet 60/100
  • Time Zone in Capital City : Hamilton Atlantic/Bermuda
    Current Time : 2021-10-19 17:32:29
  • Country Currency : Dollar
  • Country Langauge Code : en-BM,pt
  • Country Langauge : English (official), Portuguese
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Travel Infomation Description

Driving on the island is on the left, British-style, and the maximum speed limit is 15 mph in Hamilton and 21 mph on the rest of the island. Under Bermudian law, non-residents are not allowed to own, rent, or drive four-wheeled vehicles, except for a limited number of all electric rental mini cars that hold two passengers. Non-residents must rely on taxis, buses or rental scooters.

There is a regular, island-wide public bus and ferry service, and daily and weekly passes are available at the central bus terminal, or Visitors? Service Bureau or ferry terminal in Hamilton. Bus schedules can be viewed on this link, and ferry schedules can be viewed on this link.

Rental motor scooter are readily available, and the required helmet is provided. However, visitors should carefully consider whether or not it is worth the risk to ride a scooter. Motor scooters provide the greatest road peril in Bermuda; local operators tend to abuse the speed limit more than other drivers, and they will often pass on the left or right with no warning. Those unfamiliar with driving on the left are likely to find the roundabouts and regulations for yielding at junctions confusing and dangerous. In addition, vehicles often stop on the side of the road, blocking one lane of traffic. Main roads, while generally in good condition, are extremely narrow and tend to be bordered by heavy vegetation or stone walls. Travelers who rent scooters should be aware while the speed limit in Bermuda is low, scooter accidents involving visitors are relatively common, and can sometimes be fatal or involve serious injuries.

Taxis are readily available for use across the island, although local rates are somewhat pricey by US standards.

Hamilton, Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda

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