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Minsk, Belarus

Rank#428 Minsk, Belarus

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Road Conditions and Safety:  Generally, roads in Belarus are in good condition, but modern cars share the highways with tractors, horse-drawn carts, and pedestrians.

  • Driving under the influence is common despite a strict zero-tolerance law.
  • Speed bumps are common, even on major streets in large cities.
  • If you are involved in an accident, remain at the scene until police arrive unless your personal safety is in danger.
  • Drive with caution at all times. Potholes, unlit or poorly lit streets, and dark-clothed pedestrians walking on roads are common dangers.
  • Drivers are expected to yield to pedestrians at road signs and intersections not controlled by traffic signals or road police.
  • Belarus has a toll system which requires payment when using certain specifically identified roads. Passenger motor vehicles registered outside the Eurasian Customs Union countries (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia) must pay for use of a number of  such major roads. Detailed information regarding toll roads, distribution points, and penalties for not paying tolls can be found at Bell Toll website

Traffic Laws:   

  • Fines vary for driving under the influence. Those who commit a repeat offence within 365 days of a previous violation may be subject to criminal prosecution and possibly sentenced for to up to six months in prison or up to two years of corrective labor.
  • Using hand-held mobile devices while driving is prohibited.

Public Transportation:  When traveling on public transportation of any kind, be wary of pickpocketing and other petty crime. There are several rental car agencies currently operating in Minsk; however, rental-car networks are not well developed.

  • Radio-dispatched taxi services are metered, generally reliable, arrive promptly, and usually offer the lowest fare.
  • Uber currently operates in Minsk.
  • The use of informal, unregistered taxis is not recommended.
  • Minsk has a clean, safe, and efficient subway system that reaches outside the city center.

See our Road Safety page for more information. Visit the website of Belarus? national tourist office and national authority responsible for road safety.

Aviation Safety Oversight:  As there is no direct commercial air service to the United States by carriers registered in Belarus, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not assessed the government of Belarus? Civil Aviation Authority for compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation safety standards. Further information may be found on the FAA?s safety assessment page.

Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus

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