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Doha, Qatar

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For current traffic regulations, see the Ministry of Interior?s Traffic Police website.

Driving: You must have a Qatari driving license to drive in Qatar. Do not drive on a U.S. driver?s license.

Requirements for newly arrived and prospective residents to obtain a permanent Qatari driver?s license:

  • Written exam
  • Road test

Requirements for short-term visitors to obtain a temporary Qatari driver?s license:

  • Present U.S. driver?s license at any branch of Qatar?s Traffic Police

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Qatar. The extensive use of roundabouts, numerous road construction projects, and high-speed driving can be challenging. In rural areas, poor lighting, wandering camels, and roads without shoulders create hazards.

Avoid arguments over traffic incidents. Qatari citizens who feel insulted can file a police complaint that can result in your arrest and overnight detention. Drivers are liable for persons injured in a traffic accident. Local police have held U.S. citizens overnight while ascertaining the extent of injuries.

Traffic Fines: Please be aware that traffic offenses are easily captured via well-placed cameras and the fines can be expensive in Qatar.

Public Transportation: Regulated and registered taxi services (Karwa, Fox Transportation, Uber and Careem to name a few) are widely available and generally safe to use. The Embassy recommends avoiding the use of unlicensed taxi operators or drivers who approach you and attempt to solicit business. When using public taxis or limousine services, do not allow the driver to pick up additional passengers along the way. To avoid cultural misunderstandings, females traveling alone should always sit in the back (never the front) seat. 

Qatar Rail opened its first subway line in mid-2019. Additional lines will open in late 2019 and 2020. The rail service area is currently limited to Doha proper, but is an affordable option. Qatar Rail operates from approximately 8:00 am to 11:00 PM on weekdays.

Mowasalat Public Bus: Laborers and construction workers predominantly use this mode of public transportation. The front seats in the buses are generally reserved for women and children. The U.S. Embassy recommends the use of regulated taxi services rather than public buses.

See our Road Safety page for more information.

Aviation Safety Oversight: The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has assessed the government of Qatar?s Civil Aviation Authority as being in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation safety standards for oversight of Qatar?s air carrier operations. Further information may be found on the FAA?s safety assessment page.

Maritime Travel: Mariners planning travel to Qatar should also check for U.S. maritime advisories and alerts. Information may also be posted to the U.S. Coast Guard homeport website and the NGA broadcast warnings ( select ?broadcast warnings?)

Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar

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